Gardening in Portland OR is a dream come true. I’ve lived in places where the sun shines nearly every day. It drove me crazy. I love the plants that thrive in a desert climate, but not the heat or the predictability. So here I stay, with my honey, Richard, who named our little piece of ground ‘Delusional Drive’ and our cat, Sami, who fancies herself a wild animal until she comes in for a snack and a cuddle.

Portland, in general, is considered zone 8. We are close to the river and a little higher up, so I put us more at zone 7. Later blooming of most things would seem to bear me out.


So…welcome to Delusional Drive. Enjoy your visit. If you are new to our fantasy world, I hope you will introduce yourself and join in the conversation.


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  2. I love the name your husband choice for your garden and now I understand a bit more about your climate, I should have checked this out before. Nice to see your photo too Ricki.

  3. Hey Ricki, 

    This is such an awesome gardening blog.

    I was just wondering if you accept guest posts for your garden-related content? We love all things gardening and can talk about it like there’s no tomorrow 🙂 

    Looking forward to your response!

    All the best, 


    • Hi, Juma
      I have never gotten into the whole guest blogger thing but you are always welcome to hold forth as much as you like in the comments. Thanks for visiting.

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