northrup station

Need a place to put overflow visitors? Coming to Portland and wonder where to stay? Have I found a place for you.

wrapped pqlms

Driving west on Northrup, this is what stopped me in my tracks. The palm trees were wrapped in burlap against the winter chill, then wound with strings of lights. I must remember to go back at night to see the full effect.

sidewalk view

Once I got out of the car to snap a photo, I started noticing further detail. Looking down the sidewalk, you can see the line of palms with lush interplanting.


The signage at the entry is understated, but that is about the only subtle touch on this exuberant place.

entry pots

See what I mean? These bright orange pots can’t help but lure the curious.

window shopping

That would be me, of course. After this peek through the window, what choice had I but to go inside?

colorful chairs

The collection of chairs in the morning room is nothing short of Seussian.

chair up close

Many shapes, many colors, and a big bowl of colorful candy on each table. What a way to start the day with a smile.

grasses with palms

The plantings are a masterful blend of hardy tropicals and hardier tropical-looking natives.

more plantings

I am tempted to invite a bunch of out-of-town guests, just so we could avail ourselves of The Inn @ Northrup Station. Or maybe even book a staycation and spend a weekend there ourselves. We could take mass transit from the front door and do all the things we seem to put off until “some other day”.

5 thoughts on “northrup station

  1. I love this place! Mike Schwartz is the Landscape Architect, I used to work with his daughter and she’s the creative talent behind my blog header (see it runs in the family). I almost had some friends talked into staying there once but I never thought to do a get-a-way for us there, that could be fun!

  2. Loree~I obviously thought of you as I was snapping photos. One of the best vacations ever was years ago, kids and I stayed a weekend at the downtown Hilton, used the pool, went to movies, knew all the best places to eat, etc. Had planned on Seattle, then the car died, so we were making do. Lemons really do make the best lemonade.

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