here comes march

It came in more like a polar bear than a lion. When we woke up yesterday morning, this was the scene that greeted us.

snowy scene

About 4″ of heavy, wet snow covered everything in sight. It was ironic, because the week before, the media was all abuzz with warning of a killer storm coming, only later calling it “The storm that packed a pinch”. In Portland, snow is rare enough that the mere threat of a few flakes sends all stations into emergency weather coverage 24/7. This weather event crept in without a word of warning.

magnolia grandiflora

All of the branches of the Magnolia grandiflora were bent double by the weight of the snow.

bent birches

As were the birches.

bent cypresses

The Italian cypresses didn’t quite touch their toes, but came pretty close.

Cupresseus macrocarpus

Last year the Cupresseus macrocarpus ‘Citrodora’ suffered broken branches and die-back when the snow was much lighter and fluffier than this load.


I feared the same fate was in store for Chamaecyparis ‘Barry’s Silver’, so the morning was spent patrolling the grounds with a long-handled broom and knocking the snow off of everything that looked threatened.

snowy pear tree

It was beautiful, though. Richard had just finished pruning this pear tree and here it is blooming with snow.

snowy birch catkins

The more mature birch tree stood up to the snow better, and I loved the way the dark catkins showed up against the snowy branches.

By the time I came back inside, my fingers were frozen and the power was out (it remained so for the rest of the day). We built a roaring fire, wrapped up in wool blankets and read all afternoon. Boy, was it pleasant…but now…bring on Spring!

8 thoughts on “here comes march

  1. Loree~Lots of rain here, too. Most things popped right back up when the snow was removed, but the birches, not so much. When R tried to prop them, the ground was so wet there was nothing to push against.

    Jane~That WAS fun…and now we’re Facebook friends, too!

    Grace~I keep watching your countdown…hope old man weather is watching too.

  2. Ricki, My husband runs around with a broom, swiping all the snow off the bamboo that are bend too low…drives the dogs crazy!
    Beautiful snow PIc!

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