mid march, few blooms

The Ides of March and not much to show for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, sponsored once again by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. If you click on that link you may have better luck with spring inspiration from other parts of the world. In the meantime, here is my meager offering:


The Hellebores are reliable bloomers, but mine flop over so that they disappear unless I reach in and tip their pretty faces up like a tender lover. I may need to follow some advice given to me by Frances of Fairegarden: move the darn things to a spot that sits above a path so the nodding flowers will be readily visible.

‘tete a tete’

Dainty ‘Tete a Tete’ is always the first of the daffodils to bloom. They surround the closest of the cherry trees,and are visible from the kitchen window…good planning, huh?

stachyrus praecox

Stachyrus praecox bears strings of dangling pale yellow blooms on deep red bare branches.

viola odoratum

Shy violets are not very showy, but they perfume the air.

viburnum tinus ‘Robustrum’

Out along the fence line, Viburnum tinus ‘Robustrum’ has been in this state of pre-bloom for weeks. I begin to wonder if those tight little buds will ever unfold to release the promised fragrance.

Euphorbia wulfenii

The whole plant of Euphorbia wulfenii is not a pretty sight, but a few brave stems are getting ready to do their best.

kaufmania tulips

There are two kinds of Kaufmania tulips in the front entry raised beds. These are ‘Shakespeare’, just emerging. They will be long gone by the next Bloom Day, but maybe ‘Fire Queen’ will be in full bloom (dare I hope?).


Most of my time is still being spent indoors, so I truly appreciate the orchid brought to me by a friend. It is like having a flock (?) of butterflies hovering in the living room.

5 thoughts on “mid march, few blooms

  1. Look at that sexy moss all around your daffodils! And I know what you mean about the entire plant of Euphorbia wulfenii not being a pretty sight, a few of mine are downright hideous.I think they’ve signed their own death warrant this year.

    Can’t wait to read your Pieris post! (do it) I was planning one too, although on a random tangent this time, not so much trying to stir any mistaken controversy by using the “H” word again.

  2. Your garden blooms are doing quite nicely, considering how uncooperative the weather has been lately. I started off thinking your post would be yellow-green, but you have the gamut of color coming along.

    I keep saying I’m not really an orchid person, but then I see one like yours (or one of mine rewards me by reblooming) and all bets are off: aren’t they beautiful?!

  3. Hi Ricki~~ Yeah, most of my time is still spent indoors too. I’m ready for some serious sunshine. I have the Tete-a-Tete too and they sure are cheery aren’t they? Your tulips must be an early variety. They’re beautiful even in bud form.

  4. Loree~This is definitely the time for moss to strut its stuff. Do you think the Euphorbias just have a certain life cycle? My ‘Persian Velvet’ died after a few years, leaving behind seedlings which thrived and now are looking ratty.
    OK, I’ll put that Pieris post back on my docket.

    Jane~My career with orchids has been spotty, with only occasional reblooming, but it always makes me happy when someone gives me one.

    Grace~I always see those tiny daffy’s as the surest sign things are about to turn the corner.

    James~I carried a picture around for the longest time until I found one.

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