broken dreams?


My thrifty tendencies lead me to gluing broken pots back together if the break is clean. This time, I decided to use a fairly large broken clay pot in another way. Not an original idea, but I quite like the way the golden baby tears seem to be spilling forth, mingling with the sedum and washing around the black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’). It took a couple of years to achieve the effect I was after. I began by half burying the pot towards the top of a gentle slope. One 4″ pot of baby tears went in the middle of the pot, with another above, one to the side and a third below. One 4″ pot of sedum was planted above and to the right. One mondo grass went in at the lip of the pot and has now become three. The baby tears and sedum both multiply rapidly, so that now nearly the whole slope is carpeted.

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