Sauvie Island Farms

Usually, a drive to Sauvies Island (just minutes away from downtown Portland) means a visit to Cistus Nursery, a nature hike or a picnic and a swim. This time, I wanted to check out a farm stand I had heard of. If you go left off the bridge and keep straight rather than turning right onto Reeder Road, begin watching for:

white fences andcars

pristine white fences and many cars on the right.

entry with tykes

The tykes playing around the entry sign look tidy enough here, but by the time I left, their shirts and faces showed their appreciation for the berries and other goodies.

everything you need to “pick your own posies”

Before heading out to the fields, a stop at this station provides buckets, seacateurs, check lists and pencils: all of the supplies needed to “pick your own posies”.

road through the fields

The fields stretch as far as the eye can see.


So if you don’t feel up to the trek, or you just want to show the kiddies a good time, a transport is readily available (with hunky teen boys driving the tractors).


Who needs a cutting garden when fields of zinnias (among many other types of blooms) are offered up for 25 cents a stem?


I think repeat visits will be a must. I see a bouquet of sunflowers in my future, once the zinnias pass their prime.


My mission was to get peaches for a pie. Store-bought peaches are almost always a disappointment. Here, one is primed with information about what to look for in the perfect peach: a deep red blush, a slight give to gentle pressure, and no resistance when plucking the fruit with a tug straight down (twisting tends to break the skin).

peach trees

The trees in this orchard have been kept small, so that it is easy to wander among them to choose and pluck fruit at its peak of perfection. I have visited many farm stands on the island, most often as an afterthought on the way to some other destination. This farm is well worth a planned trip with nothing else in mind…though you might want to meander up the road a bit to check out the lavender farm, or venture out Reeder Road to the Herb Farm.

Here’s what I plan to do with the peaches: arrange slices in a hot pre-baked cornmeal crust; pour over a mixture of 1 c sugar, half c flour,1 tsp ground cinnamon, quarter tsp each salt and ground nutmeg and 1 c whipping cream; bake at 400 for 40 min and chill well before serving.

7 thoughts on “Sauvie Island Farms

  1. Hiya,
    My heart sinks when I see a parched hot sandy track stretch in front of me. I suppose I would be the one with the parasol , the visor and the Jackie O’ sunglasses 🙂
    Even the hunky lads wouldn’t do it for me in such glowing heat.
    Still, acres of flowers for the cutting might make me fly there on a rainy day.
    I thought your Portland area climate was rain and mist most of the year. Wrong?

  2. Wendy~The pie WAS good…mmm pie for breakfast!

    Jo~Most of the year, yes…which is why we are out in droves every time the sun shines. It has been a perfect summer, once it got going, with temps mostly in the low 80’s, high 70’s.

  3. My first trip to Sauvie Island was for peach picking , recently it’s been for Cistus. I’ve found a peach farm in Vancouver , which reminds me I need to get going.That pie sounds yummy!

  4. Linda & Grace~Back today for more peaches: R confessed this morning that the pie was too fancy for him. I’ll make another with just peaches, lemon juice and sugar.

  5. You can bring dessert to my next potluck! Our county does a big cut flower business, and the farmer’s markets around here seem to have almost as many flowers as fruits and veggies. I hope the simpler pie goes over better, though I’m sure the first one was delicious!

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