more tomatoes…& now apples, too…whew!

If only we could get our gardens to pace things a little better.

bucket of tomatoes

This is one of three buckets this size that I made into sauce last week after we gave a bunch away to friends. Same thing this week, but it should be about the end of them.

big tomato in hand

Richard held this pineapple tomato to give you an idea of the scale (he has pretty big hands). These are very meaty, great for sauce and one slice is all that’s needed for a sandwich. Oh, and you know those little green ones that didn’t quite make it to ripe? They are great diced and sautéd for omelets.

apples on the tree

Meanwhile, the apples are coming on strong. I love the way they look on the tree.

harvested apples

But they won’t stay there forever. We leave a few on the ground for the deer, stash some in the shed for eating through the winter, and then..

apples in the pot

…into the pot they go, cut into eights, cores, pips, skins and all (sources of natural pectin). Add some cider and boil vigorously for about half an hour. Use an immersion blender to mush them all up and force through a fine sieve.

ginger, vanilla bean & cinnamon sticks

Return the strained pulp to the pot with a vanilla bean, split (optional), a couple of cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger to taste, peeled and quartered. Add a cup of brandy and simmer over low heat until thick and caramel-colored (two to three hours). I stir in another slug of brandy at the end, so that you can really taste it. Process like any jam. The result: about 7 half-pints of brandied apple butter, plus a little extra to have immediately, warm, on English muffins or scones.

Find more ways to have fun in your kitchen at Greenish Thumb…and say “Hi” to Wendy for me.

7 thoughts on “more tomatoes…& now apples, too…whew!

  1. Wow… that’s a great whopper . I’ve just thrown dozens of rotten tomatoes in to the compost… boo hoo.
    My big harvest of Cox’s apples …all rotten…boo hoo . Yours look wonderful, brandied apple butter… now that sounds yummy!

  2. Malar~I made your cabbage dish, served with steamed brown rice, last night for dinner. It was a hit!

    Linda~Sorry about your “rotten” luck. I seem to remember those Cox’s apples looking mighty fine…did you just wait too long?

  3. Ricki, I’m not familiar with fruit pests/ disease. But It was certainly “rotten to the core” I’ll have to do a bit of pest control shopping : grease bands ? apple maggot traps?

  4. Wendy~I do hope we get to see some photos of the dog!

    Linda~R has tried many different things. In the end, it just seems to be different every year. This was a good one for us…not always so.

  5. BRANDY? I’ve never heard of this but it sounds great. Love the look of that tomato. I’m thinking I will pick the rest of mine tonight when I get home. Apparently there is a frost forecast for tonight.

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