bloom day banners

pair of floral spinnakers

Other than the few fuchsias hanging on, Mom Nature has provided me with nothing to show you for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. But when I’m not sowing flowers I am sewing them, so here are a couple of the floral series of Spinnakers standing in for the flowers of the horticultural kind. I call them Spinnakers because they flap in the wind and make that wonderful sound referred to in sailing circles as “luffing”.


This one is called ‘Pistil’. I started out by doing a series of four abstract flower banners on commission. They were a more typical banner shape to attach to a wall or post. I actually like the Spinnaker format because it can be free-standing and really takes advantage of any whiff of wind that comes along. I adapted two of the floral designs for my own use. The original designs are available in my Etsy Shop.


I call this one ‘Budding’. If you visit May Dreams Gardens, I’m sure Carol can point you to many gardens where the plants provide the flowers.

7 thoughts on “bloom day banners

  1. Anna B~Nice to see you here. Welcome!

    Peter~Outlaws and sew & sews must stick together.

    Janet~High school bands and Japanese samurai movies: both great inspirations for banners.


    Alison~That’s what I like to hear…and what a great setting your garden would be.


    Jane~You townies seem to be faring better with plant-based blossoms.

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