Kalanchloe belhariensis

Elephant Ears

When I brought in the tender plants, the Elephant Ears, Kalanchloe behariensis surprised me. I bought it as a tiny thing several years ago. It had been sharing a pot with several other things that had begun to straggle. When I cut back its scruffy pot mates and took off the few lower leaves that were less than happy…Voila!

Elephant Ears up close

The texture of the huge leaves reminds me of a mohair couch my gram had years ago. It’s impossible to pass by it without caressing them. I hope they can stand up to all this love. I wish I had the photographic skill of some of you so you could see how remarkable this plant truly is. I think it deserves a name…any ideas?

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17 thoughts on “Kalanchloe belhariensis

  1. Shirley~Good suggestion.

    Scott~Do you ever wear them out?

    Loree~Lovely is a word I would never expect to cross R’s lips, but when he said loVely with a capital V, it kinda fit. You come up with the greatest names for your plants (Clifford).

  2. Loree~That Andrew…he’s a keeper for sure.

    Janet~They (whoever They are) seem to keep coming up with new ones all the time.

    Jane~Do you think we can live long enough to see them all?

  3. This is such a terrific plant! Yours look quite happy there in the sunny window. It’s definitely got a warm thing going on compared to mine, which is about to head into the frigid depths of winter outdoors.

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