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I’d like to invite you to visit Rusty Spade to read the piece I wrote for Petunia’s ongoing series of gardeners’ stories. While you’re there, you might as well explore her delightful blog. For those of you who have been curious about what the BeBop Garden looked like, I managed to dig out some old photos of the before, during and after to be included in that post.

Blooming Blogs

You might also like to visit Blooming Blogs. That’s where I hooked up with Petunia, as well as many other new blogging friends. If, like me, you found Blotanical incomprehensible, this might appeal to you. It’s quite new, so you would be getting in on maybe not the ground floor, but still early on when your voice will be heard and you can influence its development.

And here are a few peeks at what that garden looks like today:



Corokia cotoneaster

That’s what a happy Corokia cotoneaster looks like.


Melianthus major

Viburnum ‘Snowflake’

15 thoughts on “late-blooming gardener, my guest blog

  1. Hi Ricki,

    Thanks again for taking the time to write the piece. I am still amazed at how beautiful your garden came out. Truly inspirational!


  2. Philip always enjoys walking past your house on the way to the Library, I’ll take a walk that way next time I meet him. I love that part of town.
    Like your book …very inspiring writing…

  3. Beautiful photos, Ricki. Your garden is amazing. Your Melianthus, wow. Talk about blooming its fool head off. Seriously wonderful. I’ll check out Petunia and Blooming Blogs. Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. I just read your guest post on Blooming Blogs and especially after seeing the original empty lot, I’m amazed at the transformation in these photos. That first one is perfection. I’m sure there were many compelling reasons to move out where you are now, but leaving that garden behind must have been hard.

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