Opuntia microdasys ‘Bunny Ears’

Opuntia microdasys ‘Bunny Ears’

Back in June, I visited Cistus with Linda and came home with this cunning Opuntia microdasys ‘Bunny Ears’.

‘Bunny Ears’ close-up

Its look and its name are deceptive. Don’t those furry little glochids remind you of a snuggly chenille bedspread? They even feel soft to the touch, but they do bite. Yes, I discovered this through personal experience and had to plunge into a trashy novel to take my mind off the lingering stinging sensation. Not the Bun’s fault, and I still love the little guy.

repotted pad

Wrestling the thing into its new pot resulted in only one pad breaking off. I stuck it in another pot, where it has yet to put on any new growth. I have hopes for it, though.

vigorous grower

The mother plant is going gangbusters, chugging out new pads in all directions. When I bring it in for the winter it will need to be located out of the reach of children, who can never resist petting a bunny. Do you see why it is this week’s favorite? What’s yours? Now go directly to Danger Garden to see what Loree is drooling over this week.

11 thoughts on “Opuntia microdasys ‘Bunny Ears’

  1. I like bunny ears cactus too. It’s cute but with so many glochids it’s tough to avoid them. The pads take a while to root but it should show new growth next spring. I was surprised to see you would bring it in for the winter but the combination of cold and wet might be too much.

  2. What a cute little bunny! These look so adorable but the glochid irritation is no fun at all. The country song “Oh the Pain of Loving You” was written about liking this plant, I’m sure.

  3. Shirley~Thanks, it’s good to know about the slow start. I will probably just move it onto the porch so it doesn’t get the one two punch of cold and wet. Many people around here have success with Opuntias in the ground, but I am not among them.

    Peter~I always get such a kick out of your take on things.

    Heather~Watch out! That’s what it wants you to think.

    Loree~I have you to thank, as I’m sure you know.

  4. Mark & Gaz~Did you find that out the hard way like I did?

    Sarah~When I tried one in the ground, something nibbled holes, which let the rain in and the whole thing turned to mush.

    Jenni~That Loree: we all seem to be jumping on her bandwagon. Welcome to the club.

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