September Song

Isn’t that the one that goes: “The falling leaves drift by my window”? Not much of that going on around here yet, but some are beginning to take on the burnished tones that shout “Autumn”

Acanthus spinosa

One such is Acanthus spinosa, shown here with one of the remaining flower spikes.

Acanthus spinosa with Acaena inermis ‘Purpurea’

When those leaves spill over the Acaena inermis ‘Purpurea’ (a ground cover that is evergreen, or should I say ever-purple), the effect is fine, if fleeting.

tree peony foliage

The foliage on the tree peonies is just beginning to turn. If weather conditions are right, they will blaze out.

Poncirus trifoliata

Glowing fruits on the Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ are getting backup from a tinge of color beginning to kiss the leaves.

Cornus kousa

I’m especially fond of the little red fruits that form on all of the Cornus Kousas. Color will soon follow.

Hebe ‘Quicksilver’

One of the few Hebes that is easy to grow, ‘Quicksilver’ sprawls over a gravel bed with Chasmanthium latifolium hovering over it.

culinary sage

Culinary sage dresses up the herb garden.

Foliage Follow Up is at your doorstep: just click here to land on Pam’s blog and she will take it from there.

8 thoughts on “September Song

  1. Every year I see glorious pictures of Sage like that and swear that I’m going to plant some the following year…and every spring, like clockwork, I forget. Next year will be the year of sage!

  2. I can honestly say Ricki, that you have the nicest ‘Quicksilver’ spread I have ever seen. I think I made the mistake of trying to tip prune it to make it bushy. I should have just left it alone. After seeing yours I think I might have to try it again. Your Sage is also really nice. Great job, gardener friend!

  3. So THAT’S what that purple sage is supposed to look like in my garden. I was pleased with it last year (it’s drought-stressed this year), but it NEVER looked as good as what you have. Simply stunning!

  4. Scott~It would be dynamite in your parking strip.

    Alison~Funny how one image seems to capture everyone’s attention and sometimes it’s a surprise. I almost missed posting the sage.

    Linda~This one is in its second year, so I assumed it was a perennial. Not so?

    Grace~I’m pleased with the way ‘Quicksilver’ is sprawling over a bed where few things want to grow. I’ve seen it planted where a better-behaved choice would have made more sense and it eventually gets pulled out.

    Anna K~I hope your new role will bring you out this way often, occasionally with enough time to stop by for tea.

    Pam~I’m kind of surprised (says she, thinking that sage would embrace your climate).

  5. I like those Cornus fruits too – they look charming; and while these hints of autumn colour are lovely, I do feel sad that the leaves are turning already. At least the purple sage looks as if it thinks it’s spring.

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