not all Halloween decorations are created equal


The first clue that this party would be something special was the invitation.

front entry

Going all out does not necessarily mean filling the front yard with blow-up spiders and witches.

lumieres, etc.

I took these shots the next day. Arriving in the dark, the skeletons on those bags glowed from the candles within.

ellie’s beard

Each nook and cranny had spooky/elegant vignettes, here augmented by a discarded beard.

skull pillow

See what I mean? Intricate skulls found their way onto pillows, hand towels and a few other places.

shower curtain

This was the shower curtain. When I washed my hands, the soap was a glow-in-the-dark skull.

candle holder




This was really more of a ‘Day of the Dead’ party, so there were altars to those who have passed.


With the stage set so dramatically, you can be sure the guests got into the spirit. There were 29 women and one very brave man in attendance.




Susan joked that Ellie often comes dressed for a different party, but her imaginative costumes take the prize anyway.

dog skeleton

Even the dogs got into the act.



Our hostess, Susan, with a drink called a skull crusher in one hand and a bottle of pink bubbly in the other. No she was not a two fisted drinker, but making sure that all of her guests were well supplied.

rusty sculpture

I’ll bow to the gardening focus of this blog by bowing out with some sculptures that Susan has assembled from rusty parts. I hope you had a shriekingly good time on Halloween, or the Day of the Dead. I sure did. Thanks, Susan.

11 thoughts on “not all Halloween decorations are created equal

  1. Alison~This is a pretty fun group anyway, but being in costume loosens everybody up.

    Loree~I hope you took some pictures of Lila as bumblebee. Taking our kids trick or treating is a great tradition.

    Peter~Susan has the touch. Give her any special occasion and she will find a way to bring out its best.

  2. I love your view into this fabulous party, its beauty, details, fun and serious sides, plus the costume portraits you got of each person are excellent! Way to go Ricki:)

  3. Mark & Gaz~That candle holder was maybe my favorite…wait, the shower curtain…no, the bat tablecloth. I give up.

    Heather~I think I need to introduce you.

    Ellie~I only realized later that I missed capturing so many great costumes.

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