Bloom Day Delayed

A few stragglers remain out there, but nothing much worth sharing.

cymbidium orchid

Move inside and it’s a different story. A friend visited the other day and brought me this spectacular Cymbidium orchid.

cymbidium close-up

A little closer view shows the red markings in the throat of each blossom…and Look! there’s another stalk in bud and yet another just poking out at the bottom of the plant. So…months of beauty ahead.


Speaking of long-lasting: These zinnias were brought in on Nov. 28 and are only now beginning to fade.

Aloe ‘Carmine’

Doing its biannual blooming routine is Aloe ‘Carmine’.

Kniphofia multiflora

All is not doom and gloom outside. I finally get to see what the bloom on Kniphofia multiflora looks like. Isn’t it impressive?

Kniphofia multiflora close-up

Like other knifs, it begins at the bottom and blooms upward, but the individual blossoms are tight to the stalk, giving it the look of an ombred wand.


The good old one-stop shopping center had lots of mums and kale, but also many lush looking cyclamen at bargain prices. I couldn’t resist refreshing a few porch pots.

kale in red pot

Just to prove I wasn’t really being snide about the kale (I’m sure mums have their place too) I bought one to put in a red pot (I know, it looks orange here…and the kale is much purpler). That’s it for November. More will be found at May Dreams Gardens.

15 thoughts on “Bloom Day Delayed

  1. Your Cymbidiums look gorgeous, I like the warm colors. The Kniphofia is amazing, especially at this time of year. I hope you are better than I am at keeping Cyclamen alive in pots, I have one too and it is showing signs of fading out on me. The Kale is pretty, it makes me hungry to look at it.

  2. Scott~I haven’t tried them before, so we shall see…

    Laura~We’re all waiting to see how your pirate performs in his new role as gardener.

    Linda~I think I gave you a ‘Carmen’ some time back (is that what you mean?)

    Grace~’Love’ is what it’s all about, no?

    Peter~Very cool, to be sure.

    Anna K~All of the ingredients are at the ready.

    Hanna~You’re the second person to suggest the Cyclamen may be temperamental. Oh well, it’s worth a try.


  3. Angie~Most of my succulents become houseplants during the cold spell. Otherwise, I’m with you…but when beautiful gifts come knocking, who am I to refuse?

  4. Sarah~That’s a good comparison, and it won’t give up its life like an Agave would. The orchid might not live to rebloom, but will last a super-long time this time around.

  5. Jane S~I agree…scarcity makes the occasional find that much more appreciated.

    Janet~I’m going to enjoy the heck out of this orchid, because my chances of bringing it back after it exhausts itself blooming is probably not in the cards.

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