am i blue? no, just my vase on monday

Tete A Tete narcissi

Several clumps of Tete-A-Tete daffodils surround the cherry trees out front. I could steal a few from each cluster without diminishing the outdoor display. Wishing that those clumps of forget-me-nots would bloom at the same time is futile…


so, to get that hit of blue to set off the bright yellow, I dug out this little blue and white pitcher. A few stems of privet, with its shiny, deep green leaves, hold the narcissi stems in place and a single raceme of Pieris flowers introduce another element to the mix. The runner from IKEA, with its different degrees of transparency, serves as a background that echoes the little white urn-shaped flowers.


Wanting more blue, my eyes alit on a couple of bottles on a shelf. The tall one got a second sprig of Pieris (I think this one is ‘Winter Fire’) and a single daffy, still in bud.


The second, smaller bottle was already home to a feather that echoes the colors of the background.

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23 thoughts on “am i blue? no, just my vase on monday

  1. I just adore daffodils in blue vases. Sometimes I find props a little twee but not so these lovely additions. The gorgeous strong blue of the glass vases really helps the daffodils zing!

  2. I always like the blue and yellow combination in spring – and pairing the blue bottles with the jug really adds to this pleasing combination. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your vase today rickii

  3. The pitcher is the perfect foil for the pretty little daffodils. I can understand your reluctance to cut them – they look great in your garden too. It would be nice if flowers would cooperate and bloom along with the plan in your head, though, wouldn’t it?

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