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First thing I saw, walking into the show, was this flower arrangement. I always head straight for the display gardens, but they were a disappointment this year. This being the first year that the show was not sponsored by OAN, I give it a pass for first time out. The advertising was practically non-existant and I heard from one of the presenters that info was late and sparse.


Camera remained in the off position until I came across this booth. The exterior of these vases are glass and metal, with a plexiglass insert to hold stems in place. They come in many sizes.


The whole display was elegant. I loved the use of materials not always thought of as the stuff of arrangements.


The slim profile allows these asparagus spears to line up like good little soldiers.


I was not prepared to spend upwards of $70 on the spot, but I did pick up a card for future reference. Find this Seattle company at Stems Vases.


Seeing this astounding arrangement had me kicking myself for having missed a seminar by Riz Reyes called ‘Seasonal Floral Arrangements for Any Season’. I won’t make that mistake again if ever I get the chance.


Just look at the unusual assembly of cascading dark hellebores, the blooms of fatsia and a silvery tillandsia, among other things.


At the other end of the table sat a slightly more traditional bouquet, but even here there were elements of surprise.

I didn’t miss out entirely, as I was just coming from a talk on ‘Trees for Northwest Gardens’ by Sean Hogan of Cistus Nursery fame. The seminars have always been highlights of this show, along with running into gardening friends. I’m glad to say that has not changed. It is possible that my fascination with the flower arrangements at the show is a result of a new focus brought about by Cathy and her ‘In A Vase on Monday’ meme. Click on over there to see what it’s all about.

18 thoughts on “yg&p show in a vase

  1. Sounds like you had a good time at the show even though you were disappointed by the gardens. I agree with you about the glass vase display and also liked the non traditional things used. Already looking forward to next year! Are you planning on going to Hortlandia in April?

    • Loree~We could have started there and them moved on to Sean’s talk without missing a thing. Next time.
      Maybe we can plan a meet-up around Hortlandia?

  2. The glass and metal vases are intriguing. I never think of using fruit (or rosemary either, for that matter) in a vase but it offers interesting possibilities. Thanks for providing another angle on the YG&P show – it may not have met your expectations but it still looks good by comparison with many of the shows we have in SoCal.

    • Kris~I always say if there’s one good idea as a takeaway, a show can be considered a success. So, despite my griping, I’d have to put this in the winners’ column.

  3. Anna~Shucks…would have been nice to meet up with you. I was front row with Loree and her neighbor, Bridget and we took a long time getting out of there, what with all the chatting.

  4. I like those skinny vases too, although not at the UK equivalent of $70!! šŸ™‚ You seem to know a lot of gardening people, rickii ….. šŸ™‚

  5. Lemon and rosemary on pasta, yes, but I’d never imagined them together in a VASE. Wow. Very nice. So many creative people out there making creative wonderful things. Thanks for your link to the website. I’ve got wedding coming up in the family and these might be the perfect gift.

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