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This popped up in a mature bed and I nearly got rid of it. Sometimes sloth pays. I have no idea what it is, but I see a few of them along the roadside. Guess it must be a native. Ideas? I’m also going to call it my favorite this week, because I love surprises.


Now for a little of this and a little of that. Our neighbor lost this cedar tree in the last big windstorm.


After sawing the greater part of the trunk into logs (there in the background), the rest got ground into chips and those chips got dropped onto our side of the fence (I told you Jim is a great and generous neighbor). Three guesses how I have been spending my time. That prodigious pile of chips means many trips with the wheelbarrow. I don’t think I have ever done quite such a thorough job of mulching.

Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans'

The first Ceanothus to bloom is ‘Blue Jeans’.


Delusional Drive was planned to depend on foliage for year-round interest, but the blue flowers are a welcome seasonal extra.


On the other side of the drive, mounds of Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ pick up the blue note as a background for ‘Thalia’ and a smattering of other Narcissi.


Get a load of that blue sky. Perfect background for the early (isn’t everything?) blossoms of the pear trees.

The first of the Rhodies to bloom is always PMB. This year is no exception, but the foliage is so ratty looking that the flowers haven’t a chance to make up for it. Instead, I give you ‘Janet’, in all her beauty: from bud:

Rhododendron 'Janet

to budding,


to full blown, all happening at the same time on the same shrub. I hope your Friday held some wonderful surprises as well. Won’t you please tell me about them?


20 thoughts on “friday surprise

  1. What a great neighbor! Looking great at Casa Rickii, lots of great blooms! I love that ceanothus, too. I agree with Max, looks like a salmonberry….a nice native.

  2. I learned just a few weeks ago about the salmon berry flower. Lived in Oregon all my life but didn’t know it existed. It’s really pretty isn’t it? In November, we lost several tree limbs due to ice. Several piles of chips ensued and I’ve been using it on my beds. I love that stuff! Nothing keeps the weeds down quite like it. Don’t work to hard.

  3. That Rhododendren looks pretty healthy to me. It’s always fun to have buds and blooms going on the same shrub. Spring is definitely in full force by you. I wouldn’t have known that was Salmonberry, but based on the comments and looking it up that appears to be the plant. Lovely. You’re lucky it’s native and growing wild in your community.

    • Beth~My experience with Salmonberry was picking them on the trails to the coast. The flowers were always white, but I sure do like this red flower. The berries aren’t all that tasty, but gleaning always makes things taste better.

  4. Your garden is looking good. I spent my Friday shopping at a bunch of nurseries, one right after the other. Then I spent today doing the same thing.

  5. Really looks like spring. I love that Ceanothus, pity they are not hardy here. Your Rhododendron flower is beautiful, reminds me of the Rhodies in my mother’s garden in NY state.

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