oh, the foliage!


Hey, there might be something to all this talk about the morning light. I caught it just right the other day as I was going out to pick up the paper. The sword-like foliage in back is Sisyrinchium striatum, surrounded by heathers. A hinoki cypress is the dark shape in the middle (it actually is frosted with golden edges when not in shadow). In the foreground is an unnamed grass from a neighbor, with a bit of Stachys ‘Helen Von Stein’ peeking into the left corner.


The same cast of characters backing up a native Madrone.

Carex buchanii

Carex buchanii adds color between Birds’ Nest Spruce and Iris foliage.


Stepping back, the spruce is crowding into a mislabeled Viburnum, but they do look pretty together.


The bright new growth on the weeping Norway spruce is always dramatic, but even more so catching the light like this.

Artemisia 'Valerie Finnnis'

All of the above photos were taken from the back side of Delusional Drive to take advantage of the light. Moving around to the front, Artemisia ‘Valerie Finnis’ is backed up by Sedum ‘Cape Blanco’. Valerie came from Linda (Whatsitgarden) in all its silvery goodness. Let’s hear it for Pam (Digging) for dreaming up Foliage Follow-Up and hosting it every month.

20 thoughts on “oh, the foliage!

  1. Beautiful morning light shot. Couldn’t have been taken this weekend !
    I had to give my VF the ” Chelsea chop”, which by the way starts Monday. She was awfully floppy.

  2. So it was worth getting up early. It is light here very early now and I would need to get up at 4,30 or 5 for images like these, and I’m just a bit too lazy. When the weather is really hot I might as then I could sleep in the afternoon when it is too hot to do anything.

    • Ah…another evening light person. This evening was our first to eat on the deck and watch the light fade over the garden. It was lovely.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Ricki! You timed these for great lighting. I keep finding myself admiring my garden when the lighting is like this, then I go back to my coffee. By the time I’m done, the light has moved on.

    • Gotta drop everything and dive for the camera to catch fleeting moments. Sometimes, like yesterday for me, the camera just refuses to see what I do.

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