in a vase on a sunny monday


Because of our current heat wave, I nearly missed my chance to use Phlomus russeliana in a vase. By prowling around, I was able to find a few stems that enjoyed enough shade to hold their amusing form (cascading poufs of yellow on a square stem, with a pair of leaflet “ears” crowning the top pouf).


The same sun that forced things along more rapidly than usual makes photographing another challenge. I do like the strong shadows it produces. Here, you can see the rusty color of the Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’ that is half-way to producing seed.


‘Fire Charm’ keeps producing new flowers even as the older ones go to seed. A couple of these add a splash of orange to liven things up. Their stems also bring some red into the underwater part of the vase.


In a supporting role, I cast Alchemilla mollis, both to fill in and to prop up the taller stems.

Every Monday, every week of the year, you can find something vase-worthy in your own garden. “plonk it in a vase” or arrange it artfully (all efforts are equally appreciated) and join Cathy (Rambling in the Garden).

16 thoughts on “in a vase on a sunny monday

  1. I just recently ‘met’ fire charm on a walk round some local Open Gardens – love how it looks in your vase – must look out for some to put in my garden to pep up a quite spot.

  2. Yes, great description of the phlomis, rickii! It looks great with the euphorbia and the alchemilla, and using the latter partially to prop up the other stems is an interesting tip to store up for future vases. Thanks for sharing and for your support

    • I really like it when we share the process, as you often do. That way we can learn from others’ mistakes without having to make them ourselves.

  3. I saw a lot of Phlomis in Toronto, and at first thought it was horsemint (Monarda punctata). You don’t see a lot of Phlomis in Chicago gardens.

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