in a vase on monday


Last year I had one Calla Lily (Zantendenschia) bloom. This year there are six. I always remember the scene from the movie ‘Frances’ where Jessica Lange comes home with an armload of these (one of the ONLY uplifting scenes in a decidedly downbeat film). It may be a long wait for my garden to produce Callas in such abundance, but the pristine elegance of the blooms seems to me to ask for the simplicity of a single bloom in a vase, shown here flanked by two of Richard’s pillar candlesticks and sitting on  a new Ikat table runner.


Here is my expanding clump at the woodland’s edge. I first transplanted a shovelful from my mom’s place to my first garden, then brought some with me when we moved here.


You can easily see how this flower has inspired artists, from Georgia O’Keefe to Robert Maplethorpe. No chance of my amateurish photos nipping into that league. To see, or even participate in, the ‘In A Vase’ meme, click through to Rambling in the Garden to see what Cathy and friends have on offer this week.

21 thoughts on “in a vase on monday

  1. How nice your Calla Lily are happy enough to expand. Lovely creamy, waxy texture. Your design is elegant and sophisticated and shows the flower off well.

  2. Callas do love to be alone. I’ve come to love the flowers – I inherited gobs of the plants with the house but, in our climate, they make only a temporary appearance, popping up in late winter after the rains and disappearing again when the temperatures soar such that their return always comes as a bit of a surprise.

    • With me, it’s not so much patience as so much going on it’s hard to obsess over any one thing…and suddenly, here they are. How about you? Is patience one of your virtues?

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