shadowy vignette


My computer just upgraded itself, resulting in a “new and improved” way to handle photos. Grrr! One good thing that came out of the struggle was discovering this shot. I can’t remember the circumstances, but as I look at it closely that seems to be a lilac. It has been maintained much more carefully than mine, reinforcing the idea of common plants with uncommon beauty. Here I join Anna (Flutter and Hum) for her Wednesday vignette. I have certainly benefitted from looking around for a little corner where everything comes together in an interesting way. It doesn’t even have to be garden-related (even hortheads occasionally look elsewhere for inspiration).

12 thoughts on “shadowy vignette

  1. “….common plants with uncommon beauty” What a great quote, Rickii! I love it – it could be a book title, if you’re ready for book #2. 🙂 Great photo too – I love the play of shadows.

  2. Don’t you just love technology!? But I’m glad your problems at least had a bright side and you found this interesting image. This is a great idea for a meme and I should try to join in sometimes.

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