it’s fire season for foliage

Euphorbia 'Fire Charm'

Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’

We have Foliage Follow-Up on the 16th-ish of every month, and now Christina (Creating My Own Garden o9f the Hesperides) hosts Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day on the 22nd. I, for one, can never overload when it comes to celebrating foliage. If you feel that way too, be sure to click through to see what Christina has up her sleeve. The Euphorbia above is primarily ‘Fire Charm’ but there may be some ‘Dixter’ in there too. The stems are red all season long, but as nights cool, the whole plant bursts into flame.


One of the few annuals employed to dress up the deck is Coleus. No need to wait for Fall to enjoy this one’s fiery presence.


A companion Coleus cools things down ever so slightly.


I have quite a few glazed red pots. Left out in the sun, some of the succulents blush to match.

DSC_0031 (1)

Meanwhile, out in the hedgerow, Forsythia begins to color up while volunteer Cotoneaster is forming berries.


These berries will eventually turn bright red. I’m very fond of this subtler look.

Berberis janesiana

Berberis janesiana

The berries of Berberis jamesiana mature to red too, but this pearly, pale yellow was what attracted me. Like so many things in the garden, blink and we miss the perfect moment. It pays to be ever vigilant.

14 thoughts on “it’s fire season for foliage

    • I always reward myself for grocery shopping with a quick spin through the garden section. With ever new varieties of Coleus popping up every year, slipping my mind is not an option.

  1. As you say Rickii, there can never be too much good foliage! I must have another search for some different Euphorbias, they are a year-round pleasure in the garden, none of mine turn red, that would be a really interesting addition. I like the subtle colours of the berries before they turn bright red too, you are right too, that if you blink you miss something beautiful in the garden. Thanks for joining me this month on GBFD; when I started the meme (four years ago) I didn’t know about foliage follow up; but as many people found it hard to do posts two days running I continued with mine, and anyway there is plenty of bloggers out there so it doesn’t harm to have a choice.

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