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I think it was Christina (Creating my own Garden of the Hesperides) who first planted the idea of using Fuchsias with Dahlias. I finally got around to it.

DSC_0002 (1)

The matte black vase was given to me by my DIN (hah! my son’s name is Din…ain’t that a gas!), Nancy. It is tall: 14″…


and narrow (that’s it from the side) so it can easily hold just a few stems upright.


The two big Dahlias have followed me around namelessly. I usually refer to this one as ‘The Lion’ because it reminds me of his mane. The small Dahlia in the lower left is ‘Groovy’. Backing up the Dahlias is a single leafy stem of the tree peony ‘Gold Sovereign’ just beginning to take on an Autumnal blush.


Probably the most prolific bloomer in the garden is Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’. I love the way the blossoms dangle. They need a tall bouquet to be able to show off that feature.


Once again, I am joining Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) for ‘In a Vase on Monday’. Yes it’s true: one can find something to put in a vase every week of the year.

21 thoughts on “monday vase

  1. That’s a great combination Ricki and your vase is fabulous. I love the matte color and the shape of it. Do you ever have to hide your writer’s block so you can get more writing done?

  2. Yes ma’m I do think you’ve got a winner there. The colors and textures are lovely together. I was just thinking about the fact GB Bloomday is coming up later this week, there are very few blooms in my garden, looks like you have a few lovely ones sticking around.

  3. What a superb vase…It has such presence, but you have chosen blooms and arranged them such that none of them ‘fight’, and the total is strong yet airy. So nice to look at, thanks.

  4. No, it wasn’t me to inspire the use of the Fuchsia, although there are some here in my MIL’s garden that I had my eye on. I really admire this elegant vase for the lovely vase itself and for the usual combination of flowers that work brilliantly together. Sorry for the delay in commenting, I only seem to be able to do it from the laptop and I don’t always have that on here.

  5. That is a very lovely vase, rickii – what is it made of? And are they Roman numerals or just ‘random’ decoration. Such a useful shape as well.

    But onto the flowers…. the fuchsia are a brilliant match for these vibrant dahlias and of course the vase is a brilliant shape to hold them. Thanks for sharing

    • The vase is glass and quite heavy. I’m pretty sure the symbols are random, though x’s & o’s can be seen as hugs and kisses, with which Nancy signs off her emails.

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