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Euonymous europeans

Euonymous europeans

There was a long wait for my spindle tree to produce these cunning fruits, so my judgement may be colored. That said, it’s my idea of a vignette. Be sure to check with Anna (Flutter and Hum) for hers and others’ vignettes.



I can’t bring myself to post more than three times a week, so I’m getting a jump on Bloom Day, sponsored by Carol (May Dreams Gardens). The Angel’s Trumpet is having a second blush of blooms. They always remind me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting.



These shy flowers would be lost in the shuffle earlier, but they are smart enough to save themselves for a time when they can shine.

Pennisetum a. 'Red Head'

And oh, the grasses! ‘Red Head’ is a new one, so it will get the star treatment and stand in for the growing number of grasses around here.

Symphytotrichum 'Monte Casino White'

Symphytotrichum ‘Monte Casino White’

Asters by any other name keep the show going. I’m partial to the frothy white of this one.

Symphytotrichum novae angliae 'Purple Dome'

This one comes in a close second.

Dahlia 'Groovy'

The dahlias were disappointing this year, but ‘Groovy’ put on a pretty good show. This is what it looks like as it first opens…


and here it is fully opened.

Nicotiana langsdorfii

Nicotiana langsdorfii

Annuals keep putting out right up to first frost. The ones I started indoors are going to seed but the ones that came up outside on their own are looking pretty fresh.


Deadheading is the secret to keeping flowers coming. I’m letting a few things go to seed now.


I planted just a few nasturtium seeds at the edge of the raised beds. I love the way they filled in and spill over the edge into the grass. Who knows what November will bring. For now, the garden feels bounteous.

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  1. These are actually the seed pods and fruits. The flowers are pretty insignificant. Peter often features one that is covered in these.I’m hoping mine will get there eventually.

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