a Cistus vignette

DSC_0002 (3)

A quick trip to Cistus: in and out without the usual tarrying, but I couldn’t pass by without snapping a few pix of this tree.

DSC_0003 (2)

It’s a beauty in every way, but it was the pods on bare branches that got to me.


Guess it must be a horse chestnut?


As pods go, these are pretty impressive too. They look like Datura to me. Anna (Flutter and Hum) hosts the Wednesday Vignette, which prompts us to look at our surroundings in new ways. Her entry this week is a doozy.

10 thoughts on “a Cistus vignette

  1. Beautiful tree! Looks like Aesculus californica, California buckeye or California horse chestnut. I love the way the pods persist after the foliage falls. Datura pods are also gorgeous. Stars of the autumn garden. You’re one lucky gardener to live so close to Cistus!

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