snowdrops in a vase

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With apologies to all those for whom “snow” is a four-letter-word of a different magnitude about now. This little copper frog is pretty excited, it seems.


I’m not sure that our snowdrops will ever amount to anything that might be called a drift. Not only are their numbers insignificant, but they stay closed up outdoors in the cold.


Bring them into the warmth of the house, though, and they immediately reward us by opening to reveal their lovely markings.


I needed some filler to hold them in place and it needed to be delicate. My only successful Hebe, ‘Quicksilver’ is gradually getting a haircut as I trim pieces to use in vases. It is beginning to engulf the sculpture made by a friend using rusty pieces from salvage yards.


It still needed a little something, so a few stems of bamboo leaves were just the ticket. Visit Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) to get in on the fun of In a Vase On Monday.

17 thoughts on “snowdrops in a vase

  1. Ricki, these make a gorgeous arrangement. The marking on the snowdrop are so intricate, quite a nice one. I planted a few “ordinary” ones but they’re not doing much.

    • I’ll never look at it again without seeing Sally Fields’ smiling face. My mom did a painting of magnolias once. When my dad saw Huey, Louey and Duey in it there was no going back.

  2. I think the frog is worshipping your snowdrops! The little touch of hebe and bamboo leaves is just right rickii – thanks for sharing. Every year I dig up the edge of small clumps (while still in flower) and plant them somewhere else straight away – some people would replant them individually but I just plonk them as they are. It really helps to build up that ‘carpet’ as mine in the woodland edge border are doing. My named varieties don’t seem to bulk up very quickly at all 🙁

  3. I’m enjoying everyone’s snow drops as I haven’t manages to grow any here, I think it must be too hot in summer for them; I agree that they are well worth cutting to bring inside so you can enjoy all their intricate beauty.

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