dawson park vignette


Always intrigued by the “rocks” arrayed in this park in NE Portland, I finally gave in and parked the car on Stanton between Vancouver and Williams (in case you want to check it out yourself).DSC_0006

Each monolith bears a memory relating to the neighborhood.

DSC_0008 (2)

The words are arranged differently on each one.


They are clustered near the Vancouver entrance to the park. Here you can see the domed pavilion in the distance. On this sunny day, many people were brown bagging it or just soaking up some rays. Anna (Flutter and Hum) hosts the weekly Wednesday Vignette: always visually striking and often (this week, for sure) including some thought-provoking commentary.

14 thoughts on “dawson park vignette

  1. The engraved stones are way cool but that domed entrance structure is faboo and needs to live in my garden! Thanks for adding another Portland destination to my list of things to see next time I’m there.

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