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Spring is bustin out all over here in Portland OR. Lots of these street trees soften the urban landscape with clouds of pink and white raining petals everywhere.

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For as long as we lived in NW, Homer ran his little grocery on the corner. The first of these Magnolia trees that he planted was stolen (dug up and carted away in the middle of the night, no less). Undaunted, he quickly replaced it. Here it is in all it’s glory, a tribute to Homer, rest his soul)


Want rocks? Loosened by a cycle of freeze/melt and record rainfall, the cliffs along Hwy 30 between Portland and Scappoose lost their grip and let slide several rockfalls. You’ll see lots of rock walls in gardens around here, meaning that these piles will slowly diminish over time. Get em while they’re hot (and drop by for a cuppa if you can).

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Santa brought me three new books. Woo hoo! the reference library is slowly overtaking shelves of old magazines. I’m thinking some of those magazine pages might be put to use copying (Loree’s) fab fake flowers. First, of course, I’ll cannibalize them for all the good ideas I saved them for in the first place. Think I’ll ever get around to any of that? Nah.

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This is one intrepid slug. We live in a house with a daylight basement, so here he is crawling across the equivalent of a second story window. Kinda have to admire him, even while cursing his jaws of steel.


When potting up or starting seeds, I’m always annoyed by dirt falling out through drainage holes. Mesh bags that held fresh fruit from the grocery store to the rescue…and another way to recycle discovered.


Now here’s a fun Etsy discovery for all you Opuntia lovers (Copper Cactus Candlabra). Click through if you want to see a full size photo. This is fake done right…almost as effective as the aforementioned fab fake flowers. Friday seems like a good day to sweep up the bits and pieces that never quite fit into themed posts, so that explains my scattershot approach here. May your weekend refresh and replenish you. See you next week.

10 thoughts on “friday grab bag

  1. Have a great weekend Ricki. Love all the blossom that has suddenly appeared here and on many blogs – what is it about blossom that we all love so much , I wonder.

  2. A fun Friday wrap-up. That’s a nice collection of new books that should bring lots of pleasure and ideas. I should pull a few of mine off the shelves and get some inspiration. Have a good weekend.

    • Making room for these, I got some ideas from the things I was weeding out. These are primarily reference books, so I look forward to cracking them open often.

  3. Ugh, slugs. If you did get inspired and start your own flower making adventure I hope you’ll share the results here. I decided it was time for a change so I dismantled my arrangements and made up a smaller one I’ll be taking to my mom and then boxed up the leftovers and shipped them to my sister in law.

    • You would have loved Homer. With his ruddy cheeks and his butcher’s apron, out sweeping the sidewalk, he was the very picture of a Norman Rockwell illustration.

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