gbfd…yep, more foliage


It’s slooow going, but the Monkey Puzzle tree is finally beginning to make its presence known.


Just about time to cut back and move some things to make room for Cryptomeria japonica spiralis ‘Granny’s Ringlets’.


Her neighbors need to be reminded to be a little more neighborly.


The deeply textured leaves of Viburnum rhy. ‘Alleghany’ are its ticket to stardom, but I see a flower bud hiding in there. It will be fun to see how that develops.


This is Sedum ‘Jade Frost’ at its most charming, when it is just emerging, all fresh and new with even a few captured raindrops for emphasis. To what, you might ask, do we owe the opportunity to visit foliage a second time this month? Thank (Christina) and go ahead and wallow in more foliage…I never get too much, how about you?

16 thoughts on “gbfd…yep, more foliage

  1. Looking good. Is that Cryptomeria japonica spiralis ‘Granny’s Ringlets’ from the Alameda hellstrip–or something else? I was just going to say if it is, looking quite happy with you.


    • No, but my Alameda treasure is doing well. I even had enough sense to give it some elbow room. Must remember to include it in the next foliage follow-up. I think I was too embarrassed by the surrounding mess this time. That’s the thing about elbow room: it quickly fills up with undesirables.

  2. Monkey puzzle trees impress me whenever I see them, which always seems to be in PNW blogs. They’re supposed to grow here too but I’ve never seen one. I hope your little one lives long and prospers.

    • It has been snuggled down, gaining strength and heft. Even now, I will probably need to point it out the next time I can get you out here (maybe on the way to Tamara’s for the swap).

  3. You beat me to it again this month Ricki! Thanks for joining, I love your trees, could we see some long (wide) shots of the boundary drive sometime, I’d love to see how it all links together.

    • I’ll take that request to heart. It’s hard to get the whole thing in a shot (I’m not very good at the long shots) but several angles might serve to pice the whole thing together.

  4. I like the texture of the Araucaria. You’re growing some things that will be huge. Original landscapers in our community sited a lot of Cryptomeria next to the houses.

    • We have a lot of space, so huge is not a problem. It will take a long time and lots of reshuffling of the infill plants though…most of it on someone else’s watch. Is that an evil legacy?

  5. I’m encouraged by the way they have used them at Cistus (crowded in with lots of stuff), though the wonderful shape and peculiarity stands out more when it stands alone, silhouetted against the sky.

  6. ‘Monkey Puzzle’ is a great name for a tree. I suspect it could be a great name for many things. I have seen some flower buds on my Viburnum carlessii this year, the first ever. I am greedy for more though.

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