easter leftovers in a vase

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Three’s company when the guest list has been decimated by the illness that has been galloping through Portland.

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The mercury glass vases are meant to hold votives, but they make nice little containers for spring ephemerals to grace a luncheon table.

DSC_0003 (1)

A nest of moss holds an assortment of chocolate eggs.


Moss, we have aplenty.

DSC_0003 (3)

In general, we encourage the moss, but that garbage bin of it was gathered from the few places where it is unwelcome. It comes in handy for many things, like holding in place the lily in its cachepot, then disguising the top of the plastic pot.

Easter themes will find their way into many vases this Monday, starting with Cathy (Rambling in the Garden), who hosts this ever-popular meme on a weekly basis.

28 thoughts on “easter leftovers in a vase

    • Don’t know if it’s living out of town or the protection of flu shots, but we have escaped so far (fingers crossed). It’s hard on gardeners to be sick in the spring.

  1. Such a pretty table setting Ricki! The little containers of flowers are lovely. Would love to have some of your moss–can’t seem to get it take hold here much.

  2. I’m sorry to hear your guest list was unavoidably trimmed by illness. Your little vases are very pretty. What’s the orange flower I see in one of them?

    • I should have identified the flowers in the vases. The orange is an Epimedium warleyense and each vase has a different Epimedium, one pink: E young ‘Roseum’ and one NOID yellow.

    • I thought of you, when Din and Gilbert called in sick, and appreciated not being exposed (one advantage to living outside the mainstream). I only have three of those perfect little green glass glasses, so a threesome allowed me to trot them out. Oddly, I seem to have threes of some of my favorite glassware.

  3. We’re lucky to live in moss land. Some people have to buy the stuff – can you imagine? Your tablescape is a delightful celebration of Easter. Sorry some of your guests had the crud.

  4. Oh! that’s too bad about your guests, I hope you didn’t have too much wasted food. The spring vases are charming and those chocolate eggs look very tempting.

  5. What pretty little displays, showing one again how much pleasure there is to be gained from something very simple. Hope you continue to avoid the lurgy – and that you didn’t all have to eat for two at your luncheon!

  6. Thanks, Beth…you really should do the vase thing. Some are elaborate but others are pretty simple and having flowers in the house gets to be a delightful habit.

  7. And I thought I had a lot of moss in my garden – seems you have a bit more! I love the table decorations – so springlike, and springy too with all that moss around… 😉

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