wednesday vignette: portal


Anna (Flutter and Hum) invites us to post a vignette every Wednesday. This week, she is featuring a way to manipulate the environment to distract us from a long walk or a long wait. Here, I’m featuring a portal made of greenery that frames a garden view to manipulate our first impression. We usually think of manipulation as a bad thing, but it can also be a way of enhancing experience. What do you think of when you hear the word “manipulation”?

16 thoughts on “wednesday vignette: portal

  1. I love the image. The word “manipulation” has negative connotations for me. In this case, “frame”, although admittedly a form of manipulation, seems more descriptive.

    • Yes “frame” works here, maybe even better. Oh, the power of words. Words, too, can be manipulated to the point where they take on negative connotations. In my title, I used the word “portal” but the idea of manipulation was so off-putting that it took over. Of course, I did ask that question, and thanks for answering.

  2. Cool frame! When we were at the Huntington recently I paid a lot of attention to all the frames in the Chinese garden–it’s a concept that goes back centuries.

    “manipulation” I don’t want to think about!

  3. In my last garden, I made an arch of Forsythia but it became a pruning nightmare. Time to try a new approach. I hope you will show us a shot looking through your trellis.

  4. Creating a frame as you’ve done is like an invitation to enter, it’s beautiful. and yes manipulation has negative connotations for me too. Every time we choose an angle from which to photograph our gardens we are manipulating others view of it.

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