vase, wildflower walk and a new job


A ball of chicken wire is a handy device for holding stems upright in a vase.


The patch of Lily-of-the-valley growing through golden baby tears has grown exponentially each year (starting with a single start from a friend).


I wanted to keep the simplicity of the white and green.

DSC_0008 (1)

Pristine little bells give off a powerful scent (but not too powerful). Cathy of (Rambling in the Garden) hosts a weekly In a Vase on Monday meme to tickle your nose and your eyeballs. I highly recommend it.


I knew when the Hortlandia posts started rolling in I would regret having missed it. But who would pass up time in the gorge with good friends, good food and wildflowers? Not me!


The drive to their place in Mosier was a dream journey.


We wanted to take some shots out their windows to show how our bird-saving silhouettes can be used without obstructing the view.


And what a view it is!


The last time we hiked Rowena Crest, the Balsam Root was just finishing up. This time it was in full flower.


Lupine on the crest was just getting started, though we saw drifts of it coloring roadsides at lower altitudes.


Less bold, but worth a closer look, larkspur amidst the grasses,


and all sorts of dainties tucked in here and there amongst the bolder show-offs. We passed several fields of Camassia turning the landscape blue but they were behind fences so no photos.


Last, but certainly not least, I answered the call to help out at (Joy Creek Nursery) on Sundays. What kind of a dream job is that? I hope you’ll stop by to say “hello” if you’re in the neighborhood, stroll the fabulous display gardens and fall for a few of the enticing plants in the sales area.

37 thoughts on “vase, wildflower walk and a new job

  1. What a great weekend visit, the Gorge is always special made even more so with friends. And THANK YOU, we are all thrilled at Joy Creek to welcome you! Everyone adores you already (no surprise) and we SOOO appreciate the expert help. Welcome welcome!! Here’s to many more seasons of gardening together!

    • If anyone ever doubted that Joy Creek is a family atmosphere, all they need do is read your comment here. First day, and I already feel like a long-lost cousin.

  2. The lily of the valley is such a pure and simple flower and doesn’t need embellishment, does it? Being ignorant of Rowena Crest and Joy Creek nursery I can make no real comment on them but they clearly bring you pleasure which is of course a good thing 🙂

    • The Columbia River Gorge is one of the scenic wonders of the Pacific Northwest, luckily more or less in our back yard. Rowena sits at the top of one of the bluffs on the Oregon side. I should take greater care to contextualize posts referring to local landmarks and such. Joy Creek is one of our nursery treasures, and it is just one hill over from where we live.

  3. The chicken wire is a clever construction. I tried using tape at the rim of my vase this week as I’ve seen in articles on flower arranging but I was unimpressed by the result so next time: wire..

    Congratulations on your new weekend assignment! That’s my idea of heaven. I hope you’re receiving a discount on plant purchases!

  4. I just bought that native Larkspur at Hortlandia ! Useful seeing it in the wild…I might have to move it.
    Sunday is my Joy Creek visiting day !

  5. Congratulations on the new job, sounds great fun, hope you’re not too tempted to spend all you earn on plants! I would. Love the simplicity of your vase this week.

  6. Big windows make me swoon, especially when accompanied by a view like that. I need to plan a trip to the gorge soon. It’s been over a year.

    I don’t know who I should congratulate more, you or Joy Creek. They’re lucky to have you!

  7. Perfect vase and helpful device for Lily-of-the-Valley! There’s nothing quite like that sweet fragrance. I missed Hortlandia this year too but there’s always next year, right? Your wildflower walk with friends out in the sun would win my vote, too. Congrats on your new job!

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