in a vase on monday


The subtle coloration and markings of these Iris from Alison are best appreciated in a vase, up close and personal. The dark leaf of Persicaria ‘Purple Shield’ sets it off nicely.


Herer’s a closer look at that cute little vase by a local potter.


When the rain beats down a few tall bearded Iris, those come inside as well. Join Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) to see what she and others have found for their vases this morning.

21 thoughts on “in a vase on monday

  1. Oh that’s a different persicaria! Lovely foliage and the perfect shade to show off your little iris. Those vases are so stylish, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing rickii

  2. Pretty vase, pretty dwarf iris and gorgeous large bearded iris. Sometimes we mustn’t mind the damage done, it gives us a good excuse to bring something inside that perhaps we wouldn’t usually cut.

  3. The little Pacific Coast iris are so cute, Ricki, I like the artistic peach and purple combination, and the bee guides are so disproportionately big and fancy compared to those of tall bearded iris. The little vase is so cute with its different textures and patterns. I have original white and yellow irises and also got some yellow and white irises. They seem tougher than a lot of my newer irises to return every year.

  4. You’re right, the little iris really are extra special up close and personal. I like the wide shot that includes the tall iris as well as it further illustrates the diminutive size of the Pacific Coast Iris. Cool vases too!

  5. Lovely tall arrangement with that yellow iris. The irises were pounded by rain here too, such a shame they don’t last long in a vase or I would pick a whole bunch!

  6. I got two more of the lovely little Irises from the swap. Wonder what color they will turn out to be. Thanks, Alison (though it would have been even nicer to thank you in person).

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