ANLD garden tour coming up


Devised as a way to showcase the artistry of its members, this tour has it all.

DSC_0077Swoon-worthy plants shown off to best advantage in creative combinations (those fish swimming through a sea of grasses in the background are an example of the way art is incorporated into the gardens).


Often the plants can be seen playing ingeniously with elements of the built environment.


Clever ideas to swipe and make your own abound.


Some of those ideas might elicit a chuckle or two.


Blue sky is a bonus, but this blue wall can pinch hit on a grey day.


Art can be utilitarian as well as decorative and/or thought-provoking, as evidenced by this clever use of materials.


Trees are often as sculptural as any artwork.

This is just a teaser to whet your appetite. Here’s the info you need to get in on this tour: visit the ANLD website for the full scoop and to order tickets online or pick them up at Al’s in Sherwood, Cornell Farm, Garden Fever or either Portland Nursery. There are 7 gardens on the tour, each created by a professional landscape designer and chosen by a jury of his/her peers. After the tour, I will go into more detail for those of you who are out of our area. If you live in this neck of the woods, this would be a fine way to seek out design help or inspiration and spend a pleasant day doing so.

13 thoughts on “ANLD garden tour coming up

  1. You have some great tours in your neck of the woods. A chance to see seven professional landscapes is one I wouldn’t pass up if I lived up there. I’ll look forward to your posts on the gardens.

  2. Isn’t it fascinating to see what we each picked to highlight? I liked a lot of the same details as you, and I see we both like color and a bit of fun!

  3. That lonicera clipped to make a trunk and let go wild at the top is way cool and fun! Seven gardens is a lot to get through in such a short span of time but these all look well worth the effort!

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