ANLD: new twist on ‘In a Vase on Monday’


I always admire the pots assembled by designers for the ANLD tour. It struck me that they are very much like flower arrangements, though longer lasting. I’m going to stretch the rules of the game this week and show you a few of them. The one above was in the garden designed by Lucy Hardiman.


In the garden designed by Barbara Hilty, this pot will soon be bursting with Nasturtium blossoms. I quite like the quiet simplicity of the foliage right now.


Amy Whitworth put together this symphony of foliage in a grouping of pots…


I didn’t catch the whole grouping in one shot so we’ll pan left to catch that cute little composition on the left.

I’ve heard of putting together bouquets to test the visual compatibility of plants. Container gardening is more challenging because the plants need to have similar needs to perform well over time. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. Now if you click through to Rambling in the Garden, Cathy will show you what she has found in her own garden to put in a vase this Monday.

15 thoughts on “ANLD: new twist on ‘In a Vase on Monday’

  1. I find it really difficult putting plants together in a pot to create the composition I want so thanks for the inspiration. In Italy pots are called ‘vase’ so you haven’t stretched things so much!

  2. It looks as though the tour delivered on its promise. I especially like the first container and expect it’ll only get better when the Canna blooms.

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