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Eryngium 'Sapphire Blue'

Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’

I just got to thinking you might be curious about what I’ve been bringing home with me since I started working at Joy CreekEryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’ is right at home, nestled between ‘Valerie Finnis’ and ‘Helen Von Stein’.


It’s prickly presence is a nice contrast to the softness of the lambs’ ears.

Sempervivum 'El Toro'

Sempervivum ‘El Toro’

A little further along Delusional Drive, Sempervivum ‘El Toro’ compliments the bronze tones of Carex buchanii.

Salvia africana-lutea

Salvia africana-lutea

My newest bed is devoted to orange. A couple of new discoveries were this Salvia africana-lutea


and Zantedeschia ‘Flame’. I have high hopes for them filling out this bed in time.

Itea ilicifolia

Itea ilicifolia

Now here’s the most recent addition. I’m over the moon about this one.

Itea ilicifolia at Bela Madrona

Itea ilicifolia at Bela Madrona

Here’s a shot of a mature specimen taken at the Portland Fling’s visit to Bela Madrona, and a link to more info on Plant Lust.


Even as a wee bairn, as seen here, its charms are unmistakable.


I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of it. You may wonder at my restraint, but I am trying to bring home only plants that I have places in mind for planting. It’s a challenge, being surrounded by so many temptations every day that I go to work. I know exactly where to put this one…so better hop to it. See you next time.

20 thoughts on “recent acquisitions

    • Our gardens might start looking mighty similar if we keep pointing out faves to one another. I’m going to need the Itea you bought, as well as the Stipa gigantea and who knows what else.

      • Haha…that’s funny! Well, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. I think after seeing so many plants all day that when we distill it down to the ones that really grab our attention enough to spend good hard-earned money on them, they must have extraordinary value to the garden.

  1. Wow – that salvia! Gorgeous color. And you have fallen prey to the charms of Itea illicifolia. I well remember that beautifu specimen at Bella Madrona. I admire your restrained plant purchasing – I’d be unable to stop under the same circs!

  2. I admire your restraint, Ricki. I don’t think I would be quite so disciplined. That Itea is really something. I can see why you needed to have it. You’ve got great taste.

  3. I really like that Eryngium. I was pondering the possibility of adding a few to our garden but Judy was unenthused and I decided they were too pointy-looking for us. Still, they are very appealing.

    • I’ll have to send you some photos of the way they are worked into borders with fluffier companions at JC. Maybe we can convince Judy.

  4. These are all great acquisitions! I was surprised and pleased to see the Salvia. I picked up the same plant at my local botanic garden’s spring plant sale, although mine looks not much closer to blooming than when I brought it home. The botanic garden has some huge specimens but that’s the one and only place I’ve seen the plant – until now.

  5. Great new additions and I applaud your restraint! Like you, I fell for Itea ilicifolia at Bella Madrona and am delighted to have found one as well. Now, where should I put it?

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