it’s vase day



I love the simplicity of plain white Calla Lilies.


No, this is not my patch, but one featured on the ANLD tour. I await the day when mine will be this photogenic.


Still, my planting has grown enough to yield material for a vase without sacrificing a presence in the woodland border.


I put a narrower vase into the large white one, to hold the stems upright.


Operating on the KISS principle, I didn’t want to interfere with the graphic elegance of the leaves and flower stems by adding any other material, so there you have it: my entry into the Rambling in the Garden ‘In a Vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy.

25 thoughts on “it’s vase day

  1. I love these lilies Ricki, I wish I could grow them here but sadly they need rather a lot of water. Your vase and its accompanying book are very apt. Happy 4th July

  2. Oh that is such a good idea, the vase within a vase. I love the simplicity of this – but how do your zantedeschia look so pristine? I have blooms on mine this year but the tend to look ragged and dirty really quickly, even in the absence of rain?

  3. Ricki, that is a fine patch of calla lilies you encountered. Don’t think I’ve ever seen them growing like that. And your vase is exquisite. Intentional or not, I’m struck by the shape of the birds on the cover of the book reflected by the forms of the lilies. So lovely.

  4. Your vase is just perfect, Ricki. I was startled to see calla lilies, though, as mine are long, long gone – it’s another clear indication of the difference in our climates. Best wishes for a very happy 4th!

  5. The coastal climate brings its own challenges but many things really thrive there. Look forward to seeing your results in a future post.

  6. I just bought one called ‘Flame’ that I am very excited about. It has spotted foliage and flowers that begin yellow but gradually turn to a deep red-orange.

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