called the witch doctor for iavom

Hamamelis ‘Diane’

Jumping the gun a little bit here. The blossoms on ‘Diane’ will elongate and become more of a presence butI was desperate for a bit of color, even if it is still doing the red and green thing.

Interestingly, there were some broken branches that were flowering as much as the branches left intact. The shiny leaves of Magnolia grandiflora are from downed branches too, as are a couple of cherry branches with lots of buds (we can hope). I don’t usually do props but the Witch Hazel suggested a theme and I did have a Witch Doctor’s rattle (Shaman) and a witchy candle holder on hand so they’re in there.

It’s always fun to see what people find to put in a vase during what is essentially most gardens’ down time. You can do that by visiting Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, where she hosts In a Vase on Monday every week without fail.

27 thoughts on “called the witch doctor for iavom

  1. See how easily your props fell into place rickii – I am sure you could manage it again… 😉 Is the shamanic rattle made from a seed pod? I hope your cherry buds open for you 🙂

  2. February can be such a dreary month so I understand your need for colour. You can’t go wrong with red and green, can you. I hope your fallen cherry branches will open their buds for you.

  3. Good to see colour on this gloomy February day. Things seem to be late this year but haven’t a clue why! I am willing my Iris Reticulate to grow and bloom! ‘Diane’ is doing a fine job!

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