IAVOM…a day late

Back to creating bouquets for Joy Creek, where there is so much material to work with. The star of this one is Pieris karenoma, whose vase life is so long that we will tire of it before it conks out.

This is what it looks like in situ, a mature specimen topping out at 6′. I was never drawn to Pieris until I fell in love with this one.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Hellebores, notoriously short-lived. I expected to need to trade them out after only a few days but they surprised me by still looking pretty good after more than a week. I was able to manipulate the blossoms to show their faces by winding them through sturdier stems.

One Arum italicum was all it took to complete the picture.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, R has been doing a prodigious amount of pruning. He brought in an armload of branches and stuck them in a gallon jar…unpretentious beauty at its best.

Will those little swelling nodes amount to something? We shall see. While we’re waiting, let’s pop over to see what Cathy’s meme has attracted this week. See it HERE.

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11 thoughts on “IAVOM…a day late

  1. Nice early spring bouquet. Lucky that your snow has melted, we’re still waiting for ours to disappear, which might take a couple more weeks.

  2. That’s a very attractively shaped shrub, rickii, and it’s interesting to read that it lasts long in a vase to. It may be pretty in a vase but so are your twigs which have an simple elegance of their own

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