photography ??? answered

Mike, over at greenpix came through with the goods. If you have been waiting for some simple, down-to-earth advice for getting good shots in high contrast situations, you will find it by following the above link. I plan to do some experimenting, and will share my results here. I would be happy to link to yours, too. Just leave a comment here, so I know where to send the curious.

4 thoughts on “photography ??? answered

  1. Hiya Ricki,
    Thanks for alerting me to the greenpix pages.
    Sadly optical physics has been a big mystery to me all my life. And not for want of trying to understand it. A real blindspot. Still, one or two things might stick if I read about them often enough.

  2. Joco~If you, and now greenpix, keep giving me good advice, I may some day master the use of this supposedly idiot-proof camera (at which time it will probably break and I’ll have to start all over again).

  3. Ricki~~ I still think having digital editing on your computer can save your sanity. I wouldn’t be without it. It might be a cheat sheet to the professionals among us but I readily admit to needing all the help I can get.

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