garden to table challenge

Wendy, over at greenish thumb has always shared recipes so delicious sounding that they tend to lure one into trying out unusual (to me, anyway) ingredients from the garden. Now she has opened her site to all of us who like to experiment with our home-grown veggies. Her recipe for eggplant, alone, is worth the click. I’m sure following the links to other contributors will yield all manner of savory inspiration. Speaking of eggplant, I like to keep a small bowl of garlic infused olive oil on hand. Whenever R fires up the grill, a few slices of eggplant, fresh from the garden, brushed with this concoction and grilled about 2 minutes to a side makes for a simple, yet delicious, side dish. I never bother with any of that salting and draining that most eggplant recipes call for, but then the slight bitterness is an asset in my book.

Wendy’s challenge takes place each and every Saturday (I’m a day late, but she is a forgiving sort). All gardening cooks are invited to join in the fun…or just go there to lift recipes.

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