portland art museum plantings


This is representative of the time-honored approach to plantings in the South Park Blocks between the art museum (glimpsed in the back of the picture) and the Historical society, here in “the rose city”. This bed is ringed with hybrid teas in various shades of red, with three taller shrubs pruned as standards in the middle.


On the other side of the central walkway is a bed with the same theme in yellow


But lo and behold, one of the built-in concrete raised beds breaks with tradition.


Several varieties of grasses combine with the strappy and spiky plants, for a more modern look.


They even mulched with gravel. How forward-thinking of them.


A little further north, where the tree canopy creates dappled to deep shade, they have crammed the planters with hostas, hellebores, rhododendrons and other shade-lovers. I have always loved strolling through the park blocks. Can you see why?

5 thoughts on “portland art museum plantings

  1. Interesting plantings, Ricki. Personally as much as I love roses I don’t like them planted in a monoculture because the plants are well, ugly. About half that many roses and more grasses and yuccas and agaves, please. But who am I to criticize? It sure beats pavement and lawn.

    Thank you for taking us along on your stroll through the Park blocks.

  2. Wendy~Wouldn’t it be fun if you could come along? I sure would like to join you on a visit to your father’s place.

    Grace!Hear hear! The flowers can be lovely, but the bush can use some camouflage. Sadly, roses are more often quarantined in beds of their own.

    So many great walks around here. I have vowed to take more of them, and am only too happy to share.

  3. I thought I was seeing the ghost of my former rose garden from your !st pic, Yes, my roses are much happier now ,split up and in the company of differing plants

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