Happy Bastille Day

July 4th fell on a Wednesday, so we decided to have a BBQ on another red, white and blue holiday. I was checking the calendar to make sure of the date, and here is what it said: NATIONAL DAY (Fr). What was that all about? I looked up National Day (never heard of it before): “…is a designated date on which celebrations mark the nationhood of a country, i.e. Bastille Day, July 14.

Why can’t we just go ahead and call it Bastille Day? My theory is that someone is loathe to remind us of what can happen when the populace becomes really upset with its governing body. Perhaps we should call it Off With Their Heads Day. Not that I am advocating violence. No, but let’s jettison the coy renaming of national holidays to make them less threatening.

3 thoughts on “Happy Bastille Day

  1. Ricki,
    This website lets you express yourself not only as a designer, gardener, and writer, but now an exquisite designer of banners. I was pleasantly surprised to see the photo of my SPINNAKER ..the first one on your new website.
    On July 14 I was not celebrating Bastille Day. Instead I had Hardy Plant people viewing my never again perfect garden. The banner is still whup whupping around the smoke tree and I may move it soon to furl near my new banana in a pot. I love its versatility and portability.
    Keep up the good work, now that you have your nifty fabric cutter. Coming up with great new designs will make yor business thrive.. You are on your way gal!.

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