more grand gardening


Yes, it is as big as it looks, but before we go inside, lets take a look around (I do like to build a little suspense).


Along one side of the greenhouse is a holding area for plants waiting to go into the landscape.


Across the way is another holding area filled with lavender plants. I saw no lavender used in the existing scheme, so new plans must be brewing…as if I needed another reason to revisit in future.


Those are prickly pear paddles. Now there’s a party favor I could get behind.


And a whole bed of them heeled in. The sign says a free one of these goes to anyone making a purchase (I didn’t see anything for sale).


OK, we’re going inside now. Talk about your perfect host. Umbrellas lined up in case our quirky weather acted up.


The front half is a working greenhouse, with trays of starts and all the attendant equipment. The back half is more of an indoor display garden. This was a departure from the disciplined use of common plant material outside. Nothing was labeled and my recognition of plants was hit and miss. Feel free to fill us in in the comments.


I haven’t a clue about these two, but they look like relatives of one another. See the Agave pups at their feet?


The floor was littered with Agaves in all stages of development.


I do recognize that foreground plant as a Euphorbia, with a cute little cactus in the middle.

misty area

On the other side, a constant mist made for a lush jungle right across from the desert we just left.

big leaves

Nice collection of leaf shapes and sizes.

lemon tree

When life gives you a greenhouse, make lemons!

Tomorrow we will work our way back down the hill and take our leave. I hope you will join me.

4 thoughts on “more grand gardening

  1. Hi Ricki, What a fun place and a REAL glass house, not one of those “newfangled” polytunnels as their called over the pond. That stripy Agave sure is a looker. I look forward to the next session.

    The variegated comfrey [Symphytum x uplandicum ‘Axminster Gold’] is not supposed to spread. I’ve only had mine in the ground since July so we shall see. Do you have back issues of Fine Gardening Magazine? July-August 2005 includes a nice photo and write-up of it by C. Colston Burrell. [Page 14] You could check the library if you don’t have the magazine. Or just Google. 🙂

  2. Wow, what a place, lucky you to get to visit and poke around. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a greenhouse and staging areas available for planning and staging?
    I like the, um, leafy thing – next to the philodendron above the aeoniums, whatever it is, it looks cool.

  3. Grace~Thanks for the info on the comfry.

    Loree~I knew you would. No sign of any of the exotic stuff outdoors. I wondered about the submerged paddles, but had so many questions that I forgot to ask that one.

    Megan~You, too, could visit such places. All you have to do is join up when you go to the upcoming HPSO sale.

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