what’s going on out there?

Fall clean-up is a time when getting right up close to our plants reveals all sorts of oddities.


Like Tom, the overexcited tomato. I guess if one had a less lascivious mind, it might be thought to resemble a boxing glove.

pregnant lemon cucumber

Not to belabor the subject, but get a load of the baby bump on this lemon cucumber.

kiwi in a knot

The kiwi vine tied itself into a perfect lovers’ knot. Now I KNOW that had I tried to get it to do that it would have refused to cooperate. Endlessly fascinating, these gardens of ours, wouldn’t you say?

6 thoughts on “what’s going on out there?

  1. James~Oh! That reminds me of square watermelons in the news a while back. Better for shipping, I guess, but that idea failed to get off the ground. Nature does win a round every once in a while.

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