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food stalls

Portlanders do love their Farmers’ Markets. The granddaddy of them all is in the southernmost end of the South Park Blocks on Saturdays. The setting is ideal, with towering trees and a plaza where musical acts and cooking demonstrations can take place. I can remember when it consisted of a few card tables in a parking lot down by the river. Now it is wall to wall people, and a major draw for tourists. It has also spawned a number of satellite markets taking place in other parts of town on various days. My favorite is the Wednesday Market.

market in the park

It retains the park setting by moving to the extreme north end of the park


where vendors, shoppers and nibblers blend with the statuary. Parking is nearby and plentiful, the hours (10am-2pm) are civilized and the whole scale of the thing makes it easy to work it into a weekly schedule.

colorful produce

The selection is not as extensive as Saturday’s, but I never fail to find something interesting to experiment with.

market flowers

Flowers seem to be one of the most popular items at all of the markets. It tickles me to see so many people on the street carrying bags of veggies and armloads of bouquets…feels very European, somehow.

Loree did a post on the Saturday Farmers’ Market with fine photos of vegetables and fruits on display as if they were fine jewels (which I guess they are, in a sense).

5 thoughts on “wednesday farmers’ market

  1. Hi Ricki~~ This is a beautiful setting for a market. I used to go to the Wednesday market in Corvallis until it moved. It too had a peaceful outdoor setting.

  2. Hi ricki….I hate to correct you but I was actually at the Wednesday market for my post…(Saturdays have been too busy lately). And in fact I was back there last Wednesday, maybe even at the same time as you! This week I bought some of those crazy greens. They were amazing! Looks like the tomatoes are starting to thin out thought. There weren’t nearly as many last week.

  3. Loree~I love the Sat one for its bustle and variety, but can only get “up” for it once or twice a year. The Wed one I can handle on a regular basis. Don’t know how I managed to overlook those greens…yet another reason to go back.

    Wendy~Always a sucker for flowers!

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