inching closer to a real greenhouse

Perhaps you remember the poor excuse for a greenhouse chronicled here last year. Well, Richard takes his tomatoes pretty seriously, and this was not a good year, weather wise, for tomato crops.

tomato tent

This year’s effort to coddle those tomatoes into ripening is looking a little more architectural. We may be inching toward an actual greenhouse one of these days.

green tomatoes

Here’s a peek inside at the green tomatoes. The temperature inside the structure is 20 degrees warmer than outside.

ripe tomatoes and sauce

And it seems to be working. A steady supply of ripe tomatoes has made us very popular as dinner guests bearing baskets of these beauties. A pantry filled with tomato sauce is well worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “inching closer to a real greenhouse

  1. Char & Meems~Thanks for stopping by. I love it when new voices pop up here…and lead me to new finds besides.

    Wendy~The eating is getting better and better around here, thanks to you…and new friends like Char & Meems. Thanks!

  2. Grace~Don’t know if the structure will withstand winter weather. If it does, I will report. We decided it would do more good to have the protection early in the growing season to get a jump on the ripening process.

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