stapelia gettleffii

roadkill flower
The above photo on Etsy caught my attention, after having read James’ post about it here. He had a colorful name for Stapelia gettleffii based upon the dead meat smell. He called it a “roadkill flower”. Clicking on the image took me to Prickly Pear, where they made no mention of the odor, which attracts pollinating flies. Maybe that was part of the reason that this particular item was sold out by the time I got to the shop. What I found intriguing was their offerings of seeds for all sorts of exotic succulents, including the spiral aloe that I showed you a while back. I may have to give that a try.

8 thoughts on “stapelia gettleffii

  1. Gosh, for a flower that looks a little scary like it does, you’d think mentioning that it smells like highway hamburger might be a bit of a plus… Good luck with the aloe if you give it a try. It’s a gorgeous one!

  2. Ricki~~ Ooh, keep us posted on your seed choices and progress. I’ll have to give a look-see myself. This guy is a beauty. It looks like it’s going to get up and walk off though. 🙂

  3. Of course I simply LOVE that plant and it’s flower. I wish I were more of a seed person. I am too much for the instant gratification of the actual plant. I’m not proud of this. It makes me less of a plant person somehow.

  4. All~Ordered seeds for the spiral aloe yesterday. If all goes well with those, I may try others. You can be sure I will keep you “posted”.

    Loree~If you were any more of a plant person you would have to substitute aphid spray for perfume.

    Joco~If you lived in a climate like San Diego, as James does, you could use his solution and put it outside

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