yes, there are still blooms

dahlia ‘Cheyenne’

Dahlias can always be counted upon to provide splashes of color and mixed bouquets right up until the first hard frost. This one is ‘Cheyenne’, purchased from Janet at her spring sale.

spidery dahlia

I’m crazy about this one, also from Janet, but unnamed. Color, form: everything about it pleases.

‘Buffalo Gals’

By this time, I am looking for fat red hips on the ‘Buffalo Gals’, but found this instead.

Anemone ‘Honorine de Jobert’

Anemone ‘Honorine de Jobert’ has been going strong for a couple of months.

grasses with echinops

As the grasses begin to tassle up, they combine nicely with the seedheads of the fading Echinops


Love the fuzzy little flowering spires on the Oreostachys

white aster

The only aster in my garden looks like a bridal bouquet.

hemerocallis buds

The Hemerocallis ‘Still Life’ is racing with the weather. I’m pulling for these buds to open before we get slammed with the nasty stuff.


I’ll close with grasses catching the light against a dark background. This image speaks fall to me. Other gardens beckon. Go to May Dreams Gardens to gain access to a world (literally) of blooms.

7 thoughts on “yes, there are still blooms

  1. A very appropriate title, Ricki! At this time of year I appreciate every bloom I can find. Beautiful dahlias–I wish I had your touch with them. I, too, have some buds on daylilies; I have my fingers crossed they will all have a chance to bloom yet.

  2. Wendy~Echinops takes a while to establish, but then look out.

    Grace~Have you a name to put with our mutual aster?

    Rose~Welcome! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Next, I will stop by your blog.

    James~Well said!

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