Kinda looks like the pumpkin carving party is turning into a “tradition”, starting with the invitation. Last year a severed finger arrived in the mail. This year it was a box of sparkly spiders.

flamingo devil

No ordinary flock of flamingos marked the walkway.

flamingo zorro

No, these birds were all decked out as she-devils and masked Zorros.

appetizers & wine

Getting in the mood to tap into our creative potential.


What you can’t see here is the mountain of tools, from felt pens to wicked saws, piled in the middle of the table. Twenty large pumpkins, already hollowed out and ready to be transformed, awaited our ministrations.

rougues’ gallery

Silly, scary, funny, wonky…you name it: here is the rogues’ gallery of Jack ‘O Lanterns lined up for their glamour shot. Then it was time to dig into a homemade feast of chicken enchiladas and chile relennos (sp?) followed by apple pie and/or pumpkin pie. So who doesn’t get off on Halloween?

8 thoughts on “boolishious

  1. Hillary~Good guess, but wrong…mine is the one with the vampire fangs. I chose the wartiest pumpkin I could find, and it was the devil to get a knife through.

  2. Fun! I also “don’t get” the whole Halloween thing, but when you have grandkids, some level of enthusiasm is pretty much required. We carved pumpkins yesterday with funny results. Now I need a bunch of trick-or-treaters Sunday to take the Halloween candy temptation away!

  3. That looks like lots of fun–one of my favorite parties also involved pumpkins and sharp implements. I felt sorry for the host that did the cleanup of all the pumpkin gore, but it sure got us in the spirit for Halloween!

  4. Jane~Nary a trick-or-treater has darkened our door since our Sellwood days. I miss them.

    Loree~Our host declined the decorative carving…worn out from all that scooping. The cleanup must have been almost as much work.

    James~I guess visions of the mess we would make if we did it ourselves led to the gracious gesture of doing the prep work pre-party.

    Wendy~Just like blogging: one starts out thinking the ideas will soon dry up, but one thing always seems to lead to another.

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